Viviane Houle

Our voices connect our inner and outer worlds.  I have been exploring this in one form or another most of my life. 

I wear a few different hats, but all of them have to do with the voice and how it serves as a bridge to the Self and to the outside world.  I am a performer, improvisor, songwriter, voice teacher, and Workshop Leader.

I am curious about the connection between voice and personality, voice and movement, Deep Listening, improvisation, and the full expressive possibiities of the human voice.

I am in the process of building a new website... so stay tuned for something beautiful. 



 What the press is saying ... 

"[Louis Andriessen] was then joined on stage by Vancouver’s powerful and unmatched Viviane Houle. It turns out that she embodies a kind of Kiri Te Kanawa who has swallowed the DNA of Yma Sumac. The heights of Houle’s vocal folds are stratospheric. We get grand opera, French chanteuse, and abstruse, cryptic, and arcane contemporary classic singer capable of anything deeply vocal." ~Vancouver Observer 

"Houle not only owns the many avant vocal styles on display here, she has something unique — sometimes stunningly brilliant — to bring to each of them." ~ The Squid's Ear

"Intimate, eerie, electrifying, Treize is a tour de force of vocal improvisation. auspicious debut recording from an attention-riveting artist."  ~ Exclaim!


What my students/clients are saying...

“Viviane's voice classes have given me courage to share my voice more freely.  It's helped me not just in class with singing, but in daily life of speaking and thinking on my feet.  Working with Viviane is a crash course in creative spontaneity bundled with unexpected joy and beauty!” ~ Tzaddi Gordon


"Viviane is the perfect voice teacher!  She meets my 12 year old daughter where she's at, while at the same time inspiring her and expanding her consciousness around all that singing can be.  Viviane's approach is contemporary and unique, yet she incorporates theory and a more traditional style when needed.  We highly recommend her - she has something to offer no matter what your level of singing experience."  

~ Melody Sherwood

“Viviane helped me find my singing voice when I didn't think I had one.  I discovered how much I love to sing.  During my therapeutic voicework sessions with her, I also found an actress inside.  I have loved to dance all my life, but I now love to sing and dance - both together if possible!  I had so much joyful fun with Viviane and was able to express my fear, anger and my passion for life through dance, song and art.  I am joining a Community Song Circle this fall; something I never dreamed I would do.  I am so grateful to Viviane and highly recommend her for voice lessons and/or therapy."  

~ Ann Dickie


Viviane Houle
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